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Into Focus Title

When a merry band of pranksters saddled pretty Victoria Smith with a nickname—Richard—it stuck. Dauntless, with audacity to match, she landed at an Alaskan strip club earning fast cash for flying lessons that launched a meteoric ascent to airline captain. It looked like smooth sailing for life in this dream job, until her path crossed Ammon Lynch’s. 

With stupendous wealth, an insatiable appetite for more, and a team of law judges and devout hoodlums, Ammon ate up airline companies and spit out their bankrupted remains. All he needed was Richard’s employer, Global International Airlines, and he would become the industry’s crowned king and lay fifty years of hard-fought airline advances to rubble.

Can Richard possibly prevail against Ammon’s ruthless deceit and corruption to save her company, indeed the entire industry?


Will her turbulent marriage hold up as she scrambles for allies?


In the end, she devises a perilous plan, one that has a razor-thin chance of her survival, but one she must complete.    

“Buckle up for this spectacular suspense with a heart-pounding ending.”

—Karla M. Jay, International Best-Selling Author

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