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George Watson, owner of Alta’s silver mines, oversees a town of whiskey-drinking, hardscrabble men, as the mountain’s riches are brought to the surface. He becomes fast friends with Keven O’Neall and his son Francis, who left Salt Lake Valley to start over after a family tragedy. When the thriving town is hit with a devastating accident, threads of blame run deeper than the veins of silver woven in the bedrock.  

Sides are taken. 

Fire On The Mountain is an exciting historical fiction book that journeys through a five-generational family saga in spellbinding adventure, adversity, and heartbreak. Historically accurate, real characters mix with fictional counterparts to paint a tale of grit, commitment, and loss not for the faint of heart. 

"Fire on the Mountain is a captivating, page-turner work of historical fiction that takes place in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, where a mining community flourished long before the modern ski industry became dominant.  Anyone who has visited Salt Lake City, or skied in Wasatch will love this story, but the book will appeal to a far broader audience. Andy Walker writes with a captivating style and has researched this topic well. Highly recommended!” 

—Deborah Eppstein, PhD

Fire On The Mountain Out Now On Kindle and In Novel Format
Fire On The Mountain Out Now On Kindle and In Paperback Format
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